Every ticket is available in different price categories. The price category determines the area in which the ticket holder is allowed to travel.

Please find below an overview of the prices of the tickets in the different price categories and an explanation on the areas in which the ticket holder is allowed to travel in the respective price category.

Prices in the area of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS/Rhine-Sieg Transport Authority)

Valid from 01/01/2024

  • Kurzstrecke (short trip)

  • Price category 1a (CityTicket)

  • Price category 1b (CityTicket)

  • Price category 2a (CityPlusTicket)

  • Price category 2b (CityPlusTicket)

  • Price category 3 (RegioTicket)

  • Price category 4 (RegioTicket)

  • Price category 5 (RegioTicket)

  • Price category 6 and price category 7

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